Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering 2:

Deep Learning Applications in MRI

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Dr. Moti Freiman

Reception Hours: Monday:
16:30 pm — 17:30 pm
prearrange via email
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Teaching Assistant


Samah Khawaled

Reception Hours: Tuesday:
12:30 pm — 1:30 pm
prearrange via email
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About the Course

Learning Objectives

Students acquire the ability to:

  • formulate a challenge in a MRI processing pipeline by a neural network.
  • implement a deep-neural-network to solve a given challenge such as:
          - Segmentation
          - Registration
          - Reconstruction/Restoration
          - Disease prediction
          - Quantitative MRI analysis (specifically, Diffusion-Weighted MRI)
  • train and evaluate a deep-neural network.

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