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The Technion's Computational MRI Lab

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Moti Freiman, the TCML is part of the faculty of biomedical engineering at the Technion. The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology is Israel’s premier center of science and technology education and applied research. It is ranked among the world’s best science and technology universities and is recognized as a global leader in cutting-edge research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The Technion’s powerful synergy with the tech sector in Israel has created an ecosystem of technological innovation; attracting numerous international tech giants such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft, and inspiring hundreds of start-up enterprises in Israel and throughout the world.

At the TCML we have access to a high-performance computing cluster, which allows us to leverage deep-learning technologies on a large scale, and access to a 3T human MRI scanner dedicated to research. Our current efforts are focused around improving our capacity to quantify physiological properties from DW-MRI using deep-learning approaches with applications in Crohn's disease and fetal imaging.

At Work in the TCMLab

Building deep-learning algarithims to better diagnose and treat disease.